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Functional Materials Manufacturing Inc. has developed a new generation of pressureless sintered silicon-aluminum-oxygen-nitrogen (SiAlON) ceramics with microstructure and mechanical properties not found in classical commercially available counterparts.

With its facture toughness of over 8 MPa.m1/2 and flexural strength of over 1150 MPa this class of SiAlON ceramics shows high resistance to thermal shock fracture and greatly improved inertness in contact with steel and non-ferrous metals. This makes them highly suitable for the fabrication of components used in handling molten metal where the life of crucibles, tubes, and other fixtures have been increased by 50%.










Crucibles for non-ferrous metal smelting

The benefits of high fracture toughness and strength have been proven in other industries including racing car seals, welding guide pins, cutting tools and ball bearings.  



Weld protection parts

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