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New Products

Novel Oxidation-Resistant Silicon Carbide Ceramics 



Functional Materials Manufacturing Inc. has developed two new classes of silicon carbide ceramics with properties not found in existing, commercially available SiC.  
One class, called “PERLA,” has semiconductor properties and the ability to produce sustained sparking under applied voltage for extended periods of time, both in reduced air and oxidative (air) environments. The novelty of this class of SiC is its ability to maintain sparking at temperatures of over 900°C for over 20 hours, without oxidation, erosion, and change in electrical conductivity. This material has its application in the aviation industry for spark plugs, where the life of the spark plug is extended to orders of magnitude compared to current, commercially available counterparts. This high thermal shock resistant ceramics can initiate ignition instantly and provide reliable performance for a long life span without any signs of erosion or oxidation.  

Other possible applications can be found in hydrogen car spark plugs which provides high durability and longer life.  







The other class designed and manufactured by FMM, called “SIALOC,” can withstand temperatures of up to 1550°C in air without oxidation and formation of oxide film on its surface. In addition, the material has unparalleled thermal shock properties, highly desirable for many applications in aerospace/defense, nuclear and automotive industries. These applications include heating elements in high temperature kilns and furnaces, protective coating in new MOX fuel nuclear reactors and space exploration.  

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