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Ceramics For Engine Components

FMM offers a new generation of silicon nitride-based ceramics with flexural strength of over 1000 MPa and fracture toughness over 9 MPa.m   . The material is ideal for engine seals and heavy duty machinery components. Its superior performance is derived from high quality raw materials and unique composition and processing techniques.




Above are the examples of  Si3N4-based pump and engine seals used in racing cars. They are made of with flexural strength of 1150 MPa and fracture toughness of over 9 MPa.m      .

Continuous internal quality control and successful use in racing car engine provide clear advantage of FMM silicon nitride ceramics over other ceramics.

FMM has developed three general classes of silicon nitride ceramic:

• High Strength (> 1000 MPa) lower hardness
• High Hardness (> 17 GPa) lower strength
• High Fracture Toughness (> 9 MPa.m
      ) lower hardness

Other type of structural ceramics are available on demand including:
• Silicon Carbide (SiC)
• Partially and fully stabilized zirconia
• Titanium carbide (TiC)
• Titanium boride (TiB
• Alumina (Al

FMM manufactures a new generation of SIAlON ceramics with fracture toughness of > 7 MPa.m     and Vicker’s Hardness of over 17 GPa.          

SIAlON has proven itself as the material of choice when it comes to molten aluminum corrosion and thermal shock resistance. FMM offers smaller sizes immersion tubes and other custom made components for use in molten aluminum operations. 





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