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FMM Inc.

FMM specializes in the design and manufacturing of non-metallic components for automotive, welding, aerospace and electronics industries. FMM manufactures new classes of structural ceramics with a combination of high fracture toughness, strength and hardness as well as functional, electronic ceramics with a wide range of dielectric constants and thermal properties.

The company was created in response to a need for materials with a combination of mechanical, thermal and electrical properties that no other materials possess. The push to save energy, reduce the down time and increase the life expectancy of existing components are constantly fueling the need for materials with higher mechanical strength, fracture toughness and hardness. FMM has developed its own technology and know-how that results in a shortened product cycle from design to research, testing and prototype manufacturing.

Take advantage of FMM's years of R&D and experience in manufacturing advanced ceramic products in a wide range of applications. These include:
• Ceramic guide pins for welding
• Ceramic cutting tools
• Engine components
• Laboratory accessories
• TiB2 based cathode materials for aluminum smelting
• High thermal conductivity, high electrical resistivity AlN substrates
• Ceramics for armour and ballistic protection of personnel and vehicles (SiC, B
4C, Si3N4 and TiB2)

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