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Wear Resistance Components

Thick and Thin Wall Ceramic Bearings and Bushings  


Bearings & Bushings 

Functional Materials bushings and bearings are engineered for high durability and reliability. Our complete manufacturing process control, from forming to finishing, allows us to maintain the highest standards for each of our components. 

Functional Materials offers a wide range of thin-walled bearings, including:           

  • Thrust Washers

  • Bushings or Plain/Sleeve Bearings

  • Flange Bearings                              

Ceramic bushings and bearings are used for their wear, high temperature, and corrosion resistant properties. With Functional Materials high precision finishing, the ceramic faces are optimal for minimizing friction. Materials include:


  • Silicon Carbide

  • Silicon Nitride

  • Zirconia

  • Alumina

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