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Ceramic Blades and Sharpeners

Fine-grained ceramics are ideal for cutting tools. The use of ceramic materials greatly increases the blade life and precision due to their inherent hardness and wear resistance. Precision machining is available for delivery of complete parts. We can also supply blanks for your machining.


- Capsule cutters
- Blades and cutters

- Trimmer blades
- Knife sharpeners


Ceramic blades have excellent wear and corrosion resistance allowing them to hold their edge for a greatly increased lifespan. Other benefits include:
- Up to 100x lifespan compared to standard steel
- Electrically resistant
- Corrosion resistant
- High hardness and strength


FMM blades can be constructed from any of our material compositions. Their benefits include:
- High mechanical strength
- No presence of metal phase for improving corrosion wear
- Fine-grain structures allows for finishes <1μm


In addition to ceramic blades, Functional Materials offers ceramic sharpening blocks. Each ceramic is extremely hard, and can be used to sharpen any blade, allowing for precise honing and excellent finishes.
Processing Equipment

- Pharmaceutical clean rooms
- Food processing plants
- Grain handling
- Mineral processing
- Chemical processing
- Large Cyclones:
- Coal-fired power plants
- Petrochemical plants
- Pulp and paper mills

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