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FMM specializes in the design and manufacturing of non-metallic components for automotive, welding, aerospace and electronics industries. FMM manufactures new classes of structural ceramics with a combination of high fracture toughness, strength and hardness as well as functional, electronic ceramics with a wide range of dielectric constants and thermal properties.

Take advantage of FMM's years of R&D and experience in manufacturing advanced ceramic products in a wide range of applications. These include:
• Ceramic guide pins for welding
• Engine components
• Laboratory accessories
• High thermal conductivity, high electrical resistivity AlN substrates
• Ceramics for armour and ballistic protection of personnel and vehicles (SiC, B4C, Si3N4 and TiB2

• Ceramics for optics industry


The current family of advanced ceramic materials and components manufactured by FMM were developed through intensive R&D programs that span a total period of over 25 years.


Ceramic Welding Pins

- Zirconia Based Pins

- Silicon Nitride Based Pins

- Alumina Based Pins

Materials for Non-Ferrous Metal Smelting

- Silicon Nitride



Ceramics For Engine Components

Wear Resistance Components

- Ceramic Blades and Sharpeners


Ceramic Armour

- Alumina

- Silicon Carbide

- Silicon Nitride

- Titanium Diboride

Electrical and Electronic Ceramics

- Aluminum Nitride

- Silicon Nitride

- Alumina

- High and Super High Capacitance Materials

Ceramics in Optics

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